About Catrina

Catrina Coleman
Catrina Coleman

Catrina Coleman first knew she was an artist when she was a child. Growing up, she was heavily influenced by artists like Patrick Nagel, Franca Sozzani, and Hajime Sorayama. Album covers, fashion magazines, MTV music videos, comic books and even video games.  She became interested in things that spanned from the architectural styles, periods and regions to home decor, fashion design and even drafting. Her early works include writing, sketching, painting, sculpting.

It wasn’t until someone put a camera in her hand that she discovered an outlet allowing her to merge all her passions. The unique style that emerged has made her the coveted portrait photographer she is today.

Catrina’s inspirations come from friends, family and the people she meets all over the world. She is never without a sketchbook or camera to record the people around her. It is this love of people, the things that they wear, and the buildings they live in that drives her creative side. From the corner market near her home in New Mexico to the beaches of Trinidad and Tobago, she has captured many memories through her lens. Her love of architecture, fashion, music and art gives her photographs a unique edge in the industry and her work reflects a depth that breaths new life into the art of portrait and glamour photography  as we know it.

Catrina brings to her photography not only her artistic style and vision, but her feminine perspective and love of women as well. Her portraits, whether painted or photographed, are portrayed lovingly by the artist in the best possible light. Her eye for settings, props, clothes, hair, makeup, and talent for positioning helps subjects of every age and weight look their absolute best.

When not shooting or sketching on location, her home studio transcends her clients with art, music, fashion, and privacy.  Although she is never without a unique location up her sleeve, it is her collection of vintage clothes, props, and use of light that often leaves her clients forgetting all about location.

“As a portrait photographer, an artist, and a woman, it is my goal to take the best photograph of you that you have.”
-Catrina Coleman