Today I am kind of stoked to start work on a real, portrait photography studio for women 8 to 80, here in New Mexico! ? Well behaved boys are welcome of course 😉
I believe every woman is a goddess. ? I am blessed to be one, and blessed to love them and any creative process that involves them. If you’ve seen my artwork, this is really no surprise. From painting them, to photographing them, no matter what size or what age, I love making and taking beautiful images of women, so why not make it my full time job? (If you can call doing something you love doing a job that is.)
My attitude is of gratitude, and I could not be happier or more grateful to be able to do what I truly love and to make it my career. So to all my friends that have allowed me to learn and build my portfolio through them, their moms, their kids, and even their pets, thank you for being my first brave and beautiful subjects, I love and adore you. Always.